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Opening night

Cinema at your fingertips

With the development of technologies which enable receiving, recording and transmitting video images with the mobile phone, a new field of exploration may open up for the creation and writing of images. Shooting in video, seeing films on the telephone screen, sending one’s own films to the phones of others, is now possible thanks to the arrival of 3G mobile phones. To evaluate the approaching intersection of cinema and the latest technological advances, the Forum des Images organised the 1st festival consecrated to film creation and diffusion using mobile phones in partnership with SFR and Nokia. The festival brings together directors, other professionals, students and spectators to anticipate, explore and question this new field of creation. What new uses does this tool that, for the first time, is simultaneously camera, projector and screen, imply ? What new projects will come out of mobile video ? Is the video mobile phone initiating new forms of “cinema” ? Where should technique be situated ? Is there a true artistic specificity to the films realised on a mobile phone ?

Laurence Herszberg

Director of the Forum des images

The competition

Vote for your favorite film during the first competition of Pocket Films ! A unique selection of best works realised with the mobile phone, which compete for 4 prizes : 3 determined by the jury of renowned artists and one prix du public.

2005 Pocket Films

Short films grouped in fun sessions and never before seen features by J.-C. Fitoussi, A. Fleischer, C. Atabekian et P. Kajnar : the first films in the world shot on mobile phones.

Pocket-mix soirée

The first ciné-mix of images shot on 3G phones ! With DJ Jjoakim and 3 Vjs : Mercedes Pacho, Yu-Ha Wu and Bertrand de Chastelet from l’ENSAD.

Pocket Films invites...

Invited by Pocket Films, three short film festivals and the École nationale d’arts décoratifs propose, through four selections of original and surprising films, numerous and different looks at the telephone as source of inspiration.


Professionals and specialists of the 3G telephone came to share their knowledge with the public ; to talk about this promising tool and debate the future of these new images... they debated questions such as : can the mobile phone become a truly creative tool, the social implications of the video mobile phone, the practice of mobile video. Invited guests were : Jonathan Davenport of Victoria Real (Great Britain), Claire Leproust of TV For Mobile (France) and Claire Dixsaut from the Gazette des scénaristes (France).

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Pocket Film Studio
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Pocket Film Studio

Production and editing ateliers

Two production studios for testing out new possibilities with the mobile phone. Decors, lighting, actors and even professional directors are at the public’s disposal, as is the possibility to take part in a production atelier ; afterwards, alongside animators, edit the films shot on the mobile phone thanks to a simple editing application.

Installations :

« Art Call Center »

Elected artist of the year in 2005 by the city of Aubusson, Galienni (www.galienni.com) proposed during the 1st edition of the Pocket Films Festival, a fun visit through a 2-part multimedia installation - the “Art Center” and the “Call Center”. A performance was conceived especially for Pocket Films, which “plays on the possible confusion of the culture sector in relation to the standardised universe of the service industry, symbolic of the corporate world”. (Galienni)

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Hors limites

« Hors limites »

A slide show of images made by Caroline Bernard, who alternates untouchable views realised thanks to this camera with no limits : dive down to the bottom of a pool or take off in a hot-air balloon !

« Cinémas de poche »

See big films on little screens ! Mobile phones installed in the Forum des Images simultaneously played, on their mini-screens, the works of five directors as well as those by the Lumière brothers.

« Phonomaton »

Sheltered from indiscreet looks, the possibility for the public to record a video message in the first video photo booth !