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Awards ceremony © Nathalie Prebende

The “voices” of exploration

The observation of artistic practices has always confirmed their links to technological advances. Are they not true tools of creation once the artist transforms them that way ? That’s why, during the production of « Chronique d’un été », Jean Rouch contacted the engineer Coutant every other day in order to adapt to the shooting needs of the 16 mm camera, conceived by Coutant. And thus invented cinema verité with Edgar Morin. Through its exploration of the relationships between cinema, techniques and society, the Forum des Images has naturally embarked on the path of video imagery created with the mobile phone and so, in 2005, created, in partnership with SFR, the Pocket Films festival. Situated at the intersection of cinema and the most recent technological innovations, the projects initiated for Pocket Films have incited artists to explore the 3G mobile phone which can record, diffuse, send and receive video images. The films of this 2nd edition - more elaborate, longer, with better image quality - attest to greater freedom in exploitation capacities of this tool and the reflection of its uses. Beyond films, the festival is open to contemporary art, to the plastic arts, in pushing the capabilities of mobile phone video : MMS video and visio-telephone. Visitors also have had the opportunity to discover a sculpture which transforms according to the images that compose it, mobile screen frescoes... The originality and diversity shown are born of the mobile phone : it is, at once, recorder, emitter and receiver of the relationships between the self and others.

Laurence Herszberg

Director of the Forum des images

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Pocket Film Studio © Nathalie Prebende

La Nuit blanche

Le Festival Pocket Films faisait partie de la Nuit Blanche ! With their telephones, visitors were invited to shoot their films of the event and to project them on the big screen at the Centre Pompidou.

During the Nuit Blanche, the public was able to experience the gift of ubiquity through participation in the editing and diffusing, live, of their films created with the mobile phone. The Centre Pompidou was, for one night, the depository of these personal interpretations of the Nuit Blanche and contemporary art. Film creation, editing and production studios led by professionals were open all night. Last but not least, the screenings of specially selected pocket films, art installations and performances, notably the Bluetooth Party, completed the menu of activities throughout the night.

The competition

The Best Of from the 2006 edition have been assembled in an eclectic selection. These films competed for three prizes awarded by a jury, presided over by CharlElie Couture and composed of professionals from the world of the image. In addition, they competed for the prix du public, in which the public votes for its preferred film.

The themes

Shot on mobile phones, shorts as varied as surprising, grouped by theme, and feature films, innovative and previously unscreened, attested to intense and unique artistic research.

Feature films

4 feature and mid-length films, previously unscreened, shot entirely on the mobile phone.

- « Bienvenue dans l’éternité » by Jean-Charles Fitoussi (France, 2006, 43min)

A glimpse of those who await the living at the time of passage. Where we can confirm that, if heaven remains preferable to hell, it is worth it to keep your feet on the ground, and, if possible, to use them to dance.

- « Chinese Tracks » by Alain Fleischer (France, 2006, 30min)

In China, in the maze of a traditional neighbourhood, a narrator gets lost, and like breadcrumbs on a path, has the directions communicated to him by phone. The images shot by the same tool are the counterpoint to what he describes.

- « God in my Pocket » by Arnault Labaronne (France, 2006, 1h20)

Removed from those close to her and held captive in a house, Caroline owes her survival to her mobile visio. A story told exclusively through the flux of elements entering and leaving a mobile phone.

- « Autofiction » by Stéphane Galienni (France, 2006, 30min)

A missing man recounts the first days of his clandestine life in Morocco. Photos, videos, text and voice messages constitute the journal of a troubling quest for identity, where reality and fiction are hard to tell apart.

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Fais-moi signe© Nathalie Prebende


A sculpture which transforms according to the images that compose it, mobile screen frescoes, the possibility to see and receive films on your phone... Let yourself be surprised by the diversity and the originality of works inspired by the evolution of the latest technologies.


Used and manipulated daily with insouciance, the 3G telephone brings to life a number of artistic, sociological or technical questions. 5 debates on these questions, such as the specificity of creation using a mobile phone, production and economic perspectives for mobile phone creations, the circulation of digital images and the legal stakes involved in films shot on mobile phones.


The Pocket Films Festival proposes editing and production workshops led by professionals, allowing each person to discover and experience, step-by-step, the elements of directing a mobile phone film.

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Le visage © Nathalie Prebende

Invited schools

Brought together by the Pocket Films festival, students of film schools, art schools and high schools received mobile phones and were given the challenge of exploring the artistic potential of this unusual tool. During five exceptional sessions, teachers, students and directors of these nine partner schools shared their experiences with the public.

Viewing areas

Two viewing posts are available to see and see again the entire festival selection, and share synchronised commentaries on the films, thanks to the annotation tools of the Centre Pompidou’s Institut de Recherche et d’Innovation.

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Pocket Film Studio © Nathalie Prebende