My thoughts about « Le Cahier froid »

// The directors speak

Different signs make me think that modern society has mutated into fiction. It’s, in a way, gone through the looking glass. With the different events happening all over the world, we often hear « reality has caught up with fiction ». This expression no longer has reason, because reality has become fiction. The real is scripted. The individual no longer builds a life from the experience lived in movement ; instead it adopts early on a role, a character, that is inscribed with ease into the scenarios proposed by society. Stepping out from these fanciful fictions, the character creates intimacy. But this intimacy is nothing other than an expected and construed element of a fictional character that would have been adopted before... The mobile phone, through its proximity and omni-presence, enables me to create the opposite movement. I take images from my private life, meaning, I film what I see, what surrounds me, and from there, I imagine stories of real lives. This reversal of movement awakens in me - as well as in the spectator - a deeper intimacy, perhaps an exit door leading towards the real.