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The Forum des Images is a major cinema center and film archive created by the City of Paris, dedicated to the exploration of relations between cinema, technology and society.

The 3rd edition of the Pocket Films Festival, festival of films made with cellular telephones organised by the Forum des Images, will take place at the Georges Pompidou Center in Paris, on June 8-9-10 2007.

In 2005, The Forum des Images launched the Pocket Films Festival. Our mission is to explore and stimulate audio-visual creative possibilities offered by the new generation of cellular telephones. In the first edition, the Pocket Films Festival organised filmmaking workshops, conferences and debates, and invited French video and graphic artists, writers, filmmakers, art and film schools students, to imagine and explore « mobile images » all created with cellular telephones. Pocket Films was the first active festival in France to explore the artistic possibilities of the mobile phone as a « pocket camera » and to consider it’s place in our everyday lives from a social and aesthetic perspective.

The Pocket Films Festival projected this next generation of audio-visual content onto the big screen in several movie-theaters anticipating the relationship between the mobile phone, television and internet in the ever-increasing production, diffusion and circulation of images.

For the first time ever in France, this years edition of the Pocket Films Festival will programme a worldwide panorama of audiovisual creations made with mobile phones.

Download the Press Release - Prize Winners :

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Press Release - Prize Winners - Pocket Films Festival 2007